want to make facebook ads but do not know how ?

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Would you agree with the headline ?

For me personally, I could not agree more with that headline. 

We are talking about word of mouth, flyers distribution, road shows, radio and TV commercials, newspaper advert and many more.

Why we have to do it ? 

The simple reason is this, the more people know what we do and what we got to offer, the higher probability they can take action. 

With that being said, Facebook Ads can help to magnify and amplify your offerings. Thus, increasing your brand awareness and sales revenues. 

Facebook Ads can be the most powerful tool if being done correctly. 

I am here to help you not to make your Facebook Ads blindly. Maximizing your every effort and dollar. 


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I conduct FB ADS MASTERY workshop bi-monthly. So I can help businesses on how to tap and leverage on Facebook audience network and its paid advertising options.

I do not want you to make your Facebook ads blindly just like I did back in 2014. 

By attending this workshop,

  • It helps you to save time. Stop figuring things out on your own and ended up you are wasting your money on ad spent. Tap into my experiences and past mistakes. Psst…I run and manage other business marketing campaign through www.bigoren.com

  • Get the unwanted advantage for your FB and Instagram ads. Get the exact strategies and breakdowns that successful businesses are using. So you won’t get left behind and have the competitive edge.

In my workshops, you will also learn the technical and mechanics of creating a more successful FB / Instagram ads for your business.


  1. You will learn how to find your target customers more effectively

  2. You will learn how to create a marketing funnel to match your customers buying journey

  3. You will learn how to read your FB Ads performance data and how to interpret them confidently.

  4. You will learn how to set your FB Ads budget with confidence

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