How To Find Your Target Customers On Facebook ?

If you are making Facebook ads to promote your business, it is important to note that, your Facebook ads should reach your target audience. Like a saying goes, " If you are trying to sell to everyone, you will end up selling to no one. "

How Do I Find My Customers On Facebook ?

To be honest, it is quite simple and fun to do. By now, you should have your "Customer Avatar" done up. If you do not have one, you can create a quick one OR you can based on any of your current customers. 

You need breakdown into details like :-

  1. Gender
  2. Location
  3. Age
  4. Interests

With Facebook ads targeting options, you are able to reach out to your Target Customers. Why ? You would not believe how much information are being shared on Facebook just based on those 4 points above. You are targeting real people on Facebook. 

How Do I Target My Customers On Facebook ?

Here, I will share with you how to create Saved Audience. This will help you saves a lot of time when you are making more and more Facebook ads. 

Log into your Ads Manager.
Click or Tap 3 horizontal bars on the top left. A menu should drop down.
Select Audiences.

How To Create Saved Audience for Facebook Ads - Singapore

Click or Tap Create Audience. A menu should drop down.
Select Saved Audience.

How To Create Saved Audience for Facebook Ads - Singapore

A menu will pop up. And we start the process. 

Finding your target audience on Facebook - Singapore

1. Set your Audience Name. This allows for easy identification for future uses. 
2. Forget about Custom Audiences. ( I will leave it for my next sharing )
3. Set your locations. 
- You can INCLUDE up to 25 locations. You have the EXCLUDE option as well. 
4. Set your audience age group. 
5. You can select the Gender as per your Customer Avatar.
6. Set the languages. 
- I will recommend the commonly used language in your area or country. For Singapore, English (ALL) will be the best option. 

As you set the targets from point 1 to point 6, pay attention to BLUE BOX on the right shown in the picture above. Your potential reach will be adjusted accordingly. 

Next, we want to set INTERESTS of your customers. What do they like on Facebook ?

Detailed Targeting for your Facebook Ads - Singapore

Click on Browse, there will be a menu drop down broken into 4 options.

- You can select the options for people who may find your Facebook ads relevant. 
- You can select from Education to Work, Relationships to Parents, etc. 

- You can select interests ranging from Page Likes to Keywords. 
- Do explore the suggested sub-categories. 

- You won't believe it but you can actually find your customer on Facebook by targeting the type of mobile used. Android or iOS. Smartphone or Tablet.

More Categories
- Personally, I will leave it out. 

Example, you are selling cars to a young family of 4. Probably, the targeting should look like this. 

Take a look at the blue box on the right column. Now your audience size is reduced to 480 000 people from 2300000 people. 

Take a look at the blue box on the right column. Now your audience size is reduced to 480 000 people from 2300000 people. 


You can save your AUDIENCE by clicking Create Audience at the bottom right of the pop up menu. 

Your audience will be saved. 

The next time you make your Facebook ads, all you need to do is select your SAVED AUDIENCE. 

Use Saved Audience to save time when making your Facebook Ads - Singapore.

I sincerely do hope that with this blog post will provide you the much help you that you need. 

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email. 

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