How To Install FB Pixel On Your Website ?

Do you know that you can target audiences that have visited your website with FB ads ?

If you are not doing that, you are losing an opportunity to grow your exposure and sales.


(this is part 1, which is installing FB pixel.
part 2 will be how to create custom audience with FB pixel data - coming soon)

How to install Facebook pixel - Singapore

- Go to your Ads Manager page.
- Click on the 3 bar besides Ads Manager and expand the menu. 
- Select the Pixels option

FB pixels option Singapore

- Click on the Action Tab and a drop menu will appear
- Select View Pixel Code

Singapore Facebook Pixel Code Insertion Guide

Step 3
- You will be presented 3 options 

  1. Install Pixel Base Code
  2. Install Event Code
  3. Check Pixel Status

- To keep things simple and manageable, just copy the pixel code under Install Pixel Base Code by selecting the code. It will be highlighted in Green once selected. 

Install FB pixel code into your website - Singapore

Step 4
- Depending on which website platform you are using, you need to insert the copied FB Pixel code into the HEADER of your website page. 
- You need to do this on every page HEADER. 
- In my case, I am using Squarespace
- You need to go to Settings >> Website/Advanced >> Code Injection

Install Facebook Pixel on Squarespace Website - Singapore

Step 5
- All you need to do is paste the copied Facebook Pixel code into your website page header. 
- Just press CTRL+V. 
- And SAVE. 

Facebook Pixel Code injected into Squarespace website page header code

We are not done just yet. Just a little bit more. 

I do encourage you to use Google Chrome as your browser. Because you can add FB Pixel Helper extension

This particular extension can helps you validate your pixel implementation. On top of that, if your competitors installed FB pixels on their website, you can find out on how they install theirs. 

Install FB Pixel Helper on Google Chrome - Singapore

Alternatively, you can check the status of your pixels via Ads Manager >> Pixels menu. 

Facebook Pixel Status Check - Singapore

I hope you will find this blog post of mine a helpful one. 

If you have one burning questions about making your own Facebook ads, feel free to contact me. 

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