3 Things You Must Look Out For More Effective Facebook Ads...now

When you are starting out in making Facebook ads for your business, it can be overwhelming. 
When you have been investing in Facebook ads for quite some time, it too can be overwhelming to keep up with updates and changes rolled out by Facebook. 

In this blog post, I am not talking about your Irresistible Offer nor I am touching about Customer Purchasing Journey. I am specifically touching on the technical aspects of Facebook Ads creation interface. 

Ready for the 3 things that you must look out for ? Let's do this. 

singapore-3 tweaks for effective facebook ads.png

1. Campaign Objective
- It may look trivial or you may not fully understand the importance of Campaign Objective. 
- Selecting a more accurate Campaign Objective determines your desired results. 
- Example, if you are looking at increasing your website visits, selecting Engagement Campaign will not be effective. 
- Another example, if you are looking at purchases, selecting Traffic Campaign may not provide you the accurate results. 


Facebook Advertising works based on PROFILING. 

What does it means ?
- It means Facebook does not know the INTENTIONS of the audience but what Facebook does knows is, AUDIENCE BEHAVIOR. 
- Facebook knows who loves to visit websites. 
- Facebook knows who loves sharing content on its platform. 
- Facebook knows Audience Behavior. 
- Thus, how you select your campaign objective is very critical. 

- Look here, why in the first place would you want to target audience between the age of 18 - 60+ years old. 
- You got to ask yourself, who will be interested in your offer ? Who has the capacity to engage with your offer ? 
- Example, if you are providing wedding photography services, why would you want to promote your offer to those above 35 years old and to those who are younger than 24 years old ? You are just wasting your money.
- Sometimes, those wedding photo ads appeared in my newsfeed and they just wasted their dollar on me. 
- BE SPECIFIC and you will maximize your budget. 

- With Facebook organic reach plummeting, you have to PAY in order to get more organic. 
- With paid Facebook ads, you can beat the organic reach restriction. 
- Do you know, Facebook will help you promote your post to about 2% of your Facebook page likes ?
- Some of us have different ad budget capabilities. I would highly recommend a $10 a day budget or start with monthly $250 ad budget. 
- Your ad budget will determine the audience size. In other words, your offer will be promoted to more audience. 
- Which one would you prefer, a merely 200 audience size OR 20 000 audience size ?

There you have it. 

Time to re-look on how you make your FB ads. Apply these 3 tips and see the results for yourself. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or you can leave your question in the comments below.