How About Driving Facebook Traffic To Your Google Form As An Alternative ?

Firstly, I would like to wish all my muslim readers Ramadhan Mubarak. May we all have a more rewarding Ramadhan this year. 

And as usual, during this period, the buying and selling tends to pick up. You can observe on Facebook especially in Facebook groups, sellers are already putting up their various offerings. 

Today, I am going to share with you on how to use google form to collect orders for your offering.

Google Form Campaign Facebook Ads.png

Why Google Forms ?
- Google form can help us reduce the workload of taking orders via PMs tremendously. All we need to do is just follow up to confirm buyers' order. 
- So you can create your own google form here - 
- It is FREE !
- You can take a look at mine over here -

Now, all you need to do is create Facebook ad to drive traffic to your google form. 

When you are making your Facebook ad, you need to select Traffic as your campaign objectives.

Make Your Own FB Ads Singapore

There are 3 things to look out for your Facebook ads. 

#1 - Advertising Budget
- You need a slightly bigger budget. 
- In order to see a better results, you should allocate between $100 - $250 for 3 weeks OR you should start with $10 a day. 

#2 - Ad Running Period MUST Be More Than Your Interests Targeting
- What I am trying to share here is this, if you have 20 interests, you MUST allow your ad to run 23 days. 
- If you have 10 interests, you MUST allow your ad to run for 13 days. 
- So it is best to have 3-9 interests and your ad to run for 14-21 days. 
- In this case, we are targeting 1 week before Hari Raya, so work backwards. 

#3 - $25 /50 Results
- When you run your FB Ad, Facebook will find the best and highly responsive audience based on your targeting interests. 
- Simply put, Facebook will show your ad to different type of audience in order to optimize your results. You can read more here : 
- Facebook mentioned that the benchmark is 50 results BUT in my opinion and experience, you don't really need 50 results to determine if your campaign is good. 
- You need to get a minimum of 35 results. 


Facebook Learning Phase Singapore

- You need to allow your campaign to run for $25.00. By $25.00, it MUST gives you a min 35 results. If it doesn't, you need to switch off you campaign and run another the same campaign AGAIN. 
- Once you get the desired results, you can be sure that your ad are being shown to the highly responsive audience. 

I hope this blog post is able to provide some ideas on how you can do your own paid marketing drive. 

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email. 

To our success !

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