3 Changes That You MUST Apply To Your Facebook Ads In 2019

What 3 changes can you do for your paid Facebook marketing efforts in 2019?

If you have 2-3 minutes to spare, you may want to consider reading my 3 changes you need to make for 2019.

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- Meaning, in order to advertise for FREE and to get more exposure on Facebook for FREE, you need to post MORE. 
- I find this utterly BS. 
- The more you post, the lesser exposure you get on top of the 2-6% audience reach limitation imposed. 
- Ultimately, you need to understand that it is not an ideal user experience if Facebook were to share or promote every single post to every single Facebook page like you have. That will be considered as spamming. Do you like spamming?

What can you do?
- Allocate $250 as a starting budget on a monthly basis to supplement your organic reach and marketing efforts. 
- Start focusing on QUALITY posting rather and QUANTITY. Quality posting that can make a difference to your audience even putting a smile on their faces. 
- Take a look at your data and figure out which day to post or which day tends to have a higher engagement and outreach. Based on that data, develop a schedule that you can be consistent for the next 6 months.


- Why? Because you are NOT maximizing the Facebook interests targeting capabilities. 
- Try asking your circle of friends who are making FB ads. Ask how many of them are using the INCLUDE / EXCLUDE function when comes to interests targeting. 
- I can bet only less than 20% are doing that. Meaning, the remaining 80% are targeting the same group of people. If you are not using the Include / Exclude option, you and them are fighting for attention over the same group of people. It is bloody!

What can you do?
- Develop the habit to create ads using PC or laptop. Pick a time either at night or morning. Only use 1 hour to create your ads. Make sure you make the start date 2-3 days later. This to provide time allowance for Facebook to approve your ads. 
- Start using the INCLUDE / EXCLUDE option in your interests targeting. 
- What does this really means?
- Example, I can show to a different audience set than you. Let's say, you are targeting Honda. But I am targeting people who like Honda AND Yamaha. This way, I will not be competing for the same audience as you. 

Facebook Targeting Option Available on Desktop_Laptop.png

- Simply because close to 90% of people that I met in 2018, they are targeting so many interests BUT they only ran their ad for 5 days, 3 days, 7 days, etc. 
- Imagine this, on your dining table, there 27 different types of tea of 330ml each but you only have 1 min to finish all 27 teas. What will you do?

What can you do?
- If you want to target so many interests, can. There is no issue as long as you allow your ad to run 3-5 days more. Example, you are targeting 21 interests, you have to allow your ads to run for 24 days. This allows Facebook to optimize and find the highly responsive audience for you. 

Now, Your Turn!

** Take note, this sharing and observation based on my own experiences and interactions in 2018.

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