The 5 Pillars To Facebook Ads

Recently, I received a training email from Ben Malol He is iust one of the many FB Experts that I draw inspirations and learn from.

He shared his 5 Pillars to Facebook Ads AND I find it - SPOT ON. Suddenly, whatever I have been doing all these while. It made sense and it made me realized that I have been doing them all along.

So what are the 5 Pillars?

The 5 Pillars To Facebook Ads - Singapore

✅ Step 1 - TRAFFIC 📈
- We need the traffic to show our offer.
- That's why some of us are investing in paid advertising, some of us are posting more and more. And some of us are posting and praying that someone will buy.
✅ Step 2 - CONVERSIONS 🤝
- The basic formula of online/digital advertising is TRAFFIC + OFFER = CONVERSIONS.
- We need to see conversions. That's the reason why we need to do Step 3 to see more conversions or to see some changes.
- If we do not see any conversions, we need to tweak. This is where all the hard work and patience has to come in. Some of us might just give up after 1 month of ad spent and tweaking. But there are many who still want to make it happen. They make changes to encourage more conversions.
- This step can take days or even months to find the sweet spot.
✅ Step 4 - Scale Up / Scale Down 🔆
- Once we started to see conversions, of course, we want MORE.
- So we need to double our efforts and ad spent.
- For some, it means Scale Down in terms of ad spent. This way, we can stretch our dollars.
✅ Step 5 - Branding 🌐
- Once we are able to find a way to generate leads and sales, we do not have to worry where we will get our revenue. By then, we already have a system that works. An offer that people want.
- So now, we have the time to develop our branding further.
- I do acknowledge that branding is important BUT I have seen people who spent $20k on just branding and they are struggling to recover back that $20k investment in 6 months.


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