BACK IN JULY 2015...

Brother Isnaen approached and asked me if he is able to buy me a coffee. He wants to find out more about online marketing stuff.

We met. We talked. We discussed. I believe after that coffee, he had some ideas on how to jump-start his business. 


I was asked for coffee for the 2nd time with Brother Isnaen. This time around, the session was quite different. He was asking more specific questions. I knew he already made his plans. He just need some of validations about his ideas. 

I remembered asking him why he wanted to do this business. His reply was super authentic and a solemn one. " I am doing it for my wife. I want to create additional income for my wife. " 

I asked, " What's stopping you from starting this ? "

" Nazrin, will people buy shawls from a guy ? "

I remembered I replied him, " Why not ? People doesn't have to know that a guy is selling. You don't have to promote your products in Singapore only. You can market to overseas. With Facebook ads, I believe you can. "

And he did.

Here, with a big heart, Brother Isnaen shares his own personal stories about his business and Facebook ads.

Casa Mia Sofea Muslimah Fashion Business in Singapore

We are in our 30s with 3 beautiful children. I'm working as property executive and my wife a Customer Service Officer. 

We sell tudung / shawls for Muslimah.



We stumbled upon the opportunity when a friend who was looking for a reseller for the tudung business. 

We first started selling within our own personal network, families and friends. We also promoted and sold our products through our own personal Facebook profile. 

We knew we need to expand the network. With the money generated from the sales, we reinvested back into the business.

We decided Facebook ads can help our business. We were lucky that Facebook did not banned our personal account back then, as we discovered that we were not allowed to promote or sell through our personal accounts. 

We started our first FB ads with $30.00. We were happy that our ROI for our first campaign were 33 times. 


Copy-writing. It was a struggle. I had to learn and read up about copy-writing. Put them into action.

It's important to have a good copy-writing. I'm still learning. A good copy-writing can make you a lot money. A great copy-writing can maximize your FB ads budget.

It is also very important to have a good photo. Photo that helps to aid your copy writing. Overall, it helps to make your offer stands out. 

Facebook ads helps me to save time. Now, I run FB ads on monthly basis. It reduced my organic Facebook postings. Now, I have a scheduled Facebook organic posting. 

At the same time, Facebook ads helps me to save money. I attended Nazrin's Make Your Own Facebook Ads training back in August 2015. Ever since, he has been sharing his own processes through the secret support group regularly. He is always there to help me with my questions along the way. 

Through these, I managed to structure my FB ads so that I can maximize my Facebook advertising budget. 

Facebook ads is good tool to use for business. Thanx Nazrin for the assistance in my entrepeneurahip journey

I hope Casa Mia Sofea story has provide some hope or inspirations to you. 

If you have questions about Facebook ads or want to know more or you just want to drop a message and say hi, feel free to fill up the form below. 

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