Dark Soya Sauce Bottle + Door Gift + Facebook Ad

When Aiim first attended my 1 day workshop back in May 2017, there wasn't much activities nor Facebook campaigns he created. Citing "Not Confident Yet To Create His Own Facebook Ads" as the main reason. 

So when he attended my Facebook Ads Optimization workshop in Jan 2018, I made him realized of his lost opportunities for the past 8 months. I encouraged him to get things done in order to see some traction for his door gifts business. 

I told him to do these 3 things. 

1 - Make A Video
2 - Run Facebook Ad
3 - Do A Fast Follow Up

1 - Make A Video
- Now, why video ? 
- Simply because with video, your campaign can reach out to at least 20-30% more audience with the same budget. 
- Example, $100 can reach out to about 8000 - 10 000 people for a photo Facebook ad. With video ad, the same budget can reach out to about 10 000 - 13 000 people. 

Next question was asked, "Abang, what video should I make ? I do not know how to do video and I do not have a budget to do a good one. "

Well, you can collate all your products photo and make it into a slideshow. Facebook consider it as a video. BUT doing that, it lacks that attraction. 

So I asked Aiim, what is the most unique order you have delivered. He replied, "Dark soya sauce."

Well, make a video how that Dark Soya Sauce will come handy for people. He replied, " I got it Abang. How about the quality? "

Don't worry about quality. When you make more money, you can invest in a good video production. This is Facebook. Low quality are forgivable. He came up with this video.


The results, he received 10 enquiries in just a week. In a week, he managed to confirm 1 order. As of today, he has closed 3 bookings with that one video ad. 

Compared to Feb-March 2018, he garnered only 2-3 enquires. In a week, 10 enquiries came in. 

Leads with Facebook Video Ad Singapore

2 - Run Facebook Ad
- Why ? Simply, you want your offer to reach out to more people. The more people see your offer, the higher probability of enquiries coming in. 
- Example, if your offer is being seen by 10 000 people, likely hood, an estimate of 2% will be drawn to your offer. And that is 200 people. Out of this 200 people, an estimate of 2% will take further action. In this case, estimated 4 people will enquire.
- With this, you are sure that your offer will be seen by a certain number of people. With organic, you are just publishing and praying that the numbers will come in.  

3 - Do A Fast Follow Up
- Nowadays, people appreciate a fast response. If your reply came in more than 3 days, it can be considered as too slow. 
- What I shared with Aim was, if enquiry came in between 9am-5pm, you must reply within the same day. If you can't, you must reply the next day at 9am. YOU MUST. 

From what I gathered from Aim, he has invested $150 on Facebook ads and his returns is 17 times. 

How you calculate this ?

( Revenue - Facebook Ad Budget ) / Facebook Ad Budget

I hope Aim's story can provide some inspirations for you for your next marketing drive. 

If you have any question, feel free to drop me an email. 

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