There are so many ways on how you can generate leads for your business with Facebook ads.

Singapore Facebook Ads Training For Businesses

In these 2 instances, I gave the same framework to these 2 businesses, The Camel Caravan and Wedding Arqhitect They attended my full day training.


Wedding Arqhitect is generating 10 leads a day.
The Camel Caravan is generating 200 leads within 14 days WITH A BONUS! (I will share later)


The approach is simple.

We need THEIR DATA or CONTACT DETAILS in order for us to re-target again in the coming months. Promoting to people who have known about you is way way easier and they have a lower resistance.

But anyone is always reluctant to provide their contact details, just like that. So we need to provide them something in return.

In these 2 instances, it was a price list.

In order to have access to their price list, they need to fill up a form. And that’s how we can get their contact details.

And the best part is, we can re-target, re-connect and provide them updates about your offer in the next 3 months.

And if you do not want to spend anything to re-target them, you can always use MailChimp for email marketing where it is FREE up to 2000 emails per month OR you can whatsapp them.


Ready? Let’s do this.

  1. Prepare your price list in terms of brochure.
    You can always go to Canva to design your own.
    They have so many templates for you to begin with.

  2. Prepare your 15-30 slideshow.
    You can do it in Powerpoint.
    To make your life way way more easy, you can use the slideshow feature provided by Facebook when making your ads.
    Trust me, Facebook is a social media platform. You will be forgiven if the quality is a bit low or look amateurish. This is exactly what the 2 businesses did.
    Slideshow is considered as a video. And Facebook Video Ads are cheap and can reach more audience.

  3. I want you to complete this $5.00 11-minutes training on how to create a lead form Facebook ad. Click here for the the training.

There you have it. 3 simple steps.

But it may take you 3-4 hours to do all the 3 steps at once.

If you can do all these at one sitting, you are awesome.
If you can do all these at one sitting, trust me, you can use the same Facebook Ad Campaign again and again and again and again until your results are on the down trend, that’s when you need to repackage the offer again.

If they can do it, so can you! But Nazrin, what is the bonus?

In the case of The Camel Caravan, I showed Mr Ali that he has additional 52 leads within the same period resulting from the campaign.

These 52 leads did not fill up form directly from the Facebook ad. They enquired via his Facebook page inbox.

These has be counted as in the previous months, his Facebook enquiries were averaging 5 enquiries only.

The top Facebook ads training you must attend in Singapore


😮 You do not need to be so good at computer to make FB Ads. 
😮 You do not need to have a strong marketing background or knowledge to make FB Ads. 
😮 You do not need to be master of copywriting, master of persuasion to make FB Ads. 

And yes, these are some of the things that I heard too common from many business owners. I get it, learning about FB Ads can look complicated from the outside. 
👍 That's the reason why I am putting together a couple of full day Make Your Own FB Ads workshops in July 2019.

In the workshop, 
- you will be making your own FB ads guided by me. 
- you will learn and discover the exact systems that experts are using. 
- you will learn on how to track your ad metrics so that you can optimize and scale up your ad. 
✅ By end of the day, you will have a working system in place that to grow your business. 
✅ You are on your way to generating more leads and sales for your business. 
➡ If you are needing this right now, register today at
Registration closes on 19 July 2019.